Our Services


Business Email

We set your team up for success without the hassle of setting up servers. Everyone gets the tools they need and everything is always in sync, saving you time and money. Microsoft Office guarantees 99.9% up-time for your email. Today's companies know data is critical to its survival. That’s why we lock everything down, from our data center to your device. Microsoft has an excellent email system with superior performance which gives you the tools your business needs to function at its highest levels. Office collaboration tools let multiple users edit the same file simultaneously, making conflicts and outdated versions a thing of the past. Every user on your Office 365 team gets plenty of email storage and tons of secure cloud storage. If you require Microsoft Office on your desktops, you can download it on up to five devices per user, and automatically update to new versions as soon as they’re released. Stay connected with business Skype for Windows and Mac for easy HD video conferencing and screen sharing from anywhere. 


Cloud Servers

Your network needs to be reliable and secure. We start with strategic planning to identify your technology requirements, design a solution based on specific needs and plan an implementation project with your timing in mind. We'll setup, manage and maintain cloud servers for your business including backups and managed antivirus services to keep your systems protected.  We also monitor your systems to check for security threats. We provide a secure connection from you office to your cloud server through a VPN technology. Remote monitoring and maintenance ensures your systems are running smoothly and can often fix issues before they become a problem. We provide a full range of backup and disaster recovery options so your business is protected in the event of a failure or loss. Our managed antivirus service keeps all your systems protected and we’ll monitor your systems to check for security threats.


Managed Services

Let the experts take care of your IT needs while you focus on what you do best; running your business. Reduce typical hourly support charges and get a discounted rate for all support.  And depending on your requirements and the service level you choose, you may eliminate hourly charges completely. Dispense with costly downtime with remote monitoring and maintenance capabilities. It means we can fix many issues before they become a problem, and often before you’re even aware of them. Free up employee time so your staff doesn't have to worry about dealing with IT issues and can spend more time doing their jobs. With a set monthly fee, your IT costs become more predictable and manageable whereby one-off costly emergencies can be virtually eliminated. Our goal is to help you and your employees work more efficiently, and leverage your IT investment to make your business more successful by improving your bottom line.